New Berlin, Pa. – A Middleburg woman was charged for making up a story about a family member attempting suicide, as an attempt to get out of a speeding ticket, police said.

Police stopped Lacee Barben, 21, at the 1200 block of New Berlin Mountain Road in Limestone Township, Union County, the afternoon of January 2, 2020 for driving 63 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour zone.

Barben told Trooper Jared Mowen of Pennsylvania State Police in Milton that she was speeding “because her father had just attempted suicide and her sister just cut him down,” according to the police report. She reportedly was in a rush to get to his residence.

Barben then called her sister. She told Mowen a short time later that her sister was on her way to the Walmart store in Lewisburg. Mowen offered to follow Barben to the store to make sure contact would be made with her father, according to the police report.

Police investigated Barben’s story and found the suicide attempt allegation to be false. and Barben then admitted that she made up the story as an attempt to get out of the speeding ticket.

Barben was charged with a summary of disorderly conduct and speeding through the office of District Magistrate Jeffrey Mensch in Mifflinburg. She pleaded guilty to the charges and awaits sentencing.

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