Aggravated assault charge

Williamsport, Pa. — Williamsport Police responded to a 911 call with a person allegedly screaming for help into the phone on Sept. 1 near the 2500 block of Federal Avenue.

Officer Gino Caschera arrived at the address and said once inside, he spoke with an elderly female, one adult female, and a juvenile. According to an affidavit of probable cause, Ciera Aaliyah Johnson, 21, of Williamsport was identified as one of the women.

Caschera observed blood on the face and shirt of the elderly female and a large cut on the neck of the juvenile. Johnson was allegedly holding a cane and sitting on a couch before officers took her into custody.

Johnson allegedly punched the elderly woman in the face after she refused to take garbage outside. Caschera said Johnson then began “beating” on the elderly woman until the juvenile attempted to intervene.

According to the report, Johnson allegedly pushed the juvenile down and grabbed at her neck in an attempt to choke her. Caschera said the elderly woman then hit Johnson with a walking cane but was disarmed when Johnson pushed her down a second time.

Johnson allegedly hit the elderly woman with the cane and continued to attempt to put her hands around the juvenile’s neck, according to the report. Caschera said Johnson grabbed a knife from the end table and ordered the elderly woman to shut up and threatened to stab her.  

According to Caschera’s affidavit, the juvenile then retrieved a butcher’s knife from the kitchen before calling 911. Johnson allegedly took the knife from her and again told both people to shut their mouths.

According to a court summary, Johnson was charged with first-degree felony aggravated assault, second-degree criminal attempt at strangulation, first-degree possession of an instrument of crime, second-degree simple assault, and second-degree criminal attempt at simple assault. The second-degree misdemeanors were given a count for each one of the accusers.

Johnson is being held at the Lycoming County Prison in lieu of $50,000 monetary bail with an upcoming preliminary hearing scheduled for Sept. 21.

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