The chicken was taken into custody after leading police on a lengthy pursuit. Photo provided by Shana Eichenberg. 

Williamsport, Pa. – Multiple members of the Williamsport Police Department were led on a lengthy foot pursuit by an escaped chicken on the 700 Block of Arch Street yesterday afternoon.


Police on Arch Street chasing the chicken. Photo provided by Shana Eichenberg. 

The unnamed chicken was reportedly "pecking around" the local bushes when three police cars arrived to the scene, according to a witness at the scene Shana Eichenberg.

The bird was described as a healthy weight, approximately 14 inches tall, with tan feathers. 

After a lengthy pursuit, and some giggles, the chicken was finally taken into custody. It took police approximately 30 minutes to safely catch the chicken and take her into custody. 

It is unknown how it arrived in the Arch Street neighborhood and the chicken opted to remain silent, uttering only a few "clucks."


A close-up shot of the chicken inside the police car. Photo provided by Shana Eichenberg.

The Williamsport Police gave the chicken a free ride to the Lycoming County SPCA, where she will be cared for until she can be safely returned home.

Anyone missing a red hen is encouraged to contact the Lycoming County SPCA at (570) 322-4646.