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Williamsport, Pa. — Officers from the Williamsport Bureau of Police observed a vehicle fail to signal a turn on Memorial Avenue and Campbell Street, which initiated a traffic stop.

A search of the vehicle allegedly turned up more than 500 grams of cocaine. After speaking with the driver, officers charged Damion Garland Thompson, 44, of Selinsgrove for his alleged role with the narcotics.

According to the report, the driver, who was identified as Tammy Lou Sewell, 44, of Jersey Shore was the only occupant of the vehicle. Sewell told officers she was there to pick up another person's friend.

Sewell allegedly told officers the arrangement was set up through text messages, but refused to let them search the vehicle or read the text messages.

A call was placed to a K9 unit, according to the report. As officers waited for the unit to arrive, Sewell allegedly told them, “just search the car.”

Officers said they removed 505.03 grams of cocaine from the vehicle. It was packaged in four separate bags that weighed approximately 126.1 grams, 126.0 grams, 126.8 grams, and 126.4 grams and concealed in a white Nike shoe box.

According to the report, Sewell never exchanged money for the cocaine and gave it to Thompson at a later time.

Through a series of text messages viewed by authorities, they were able to connect Thompson to the deal. Thompson was charged with one count each of felony conspiracy and possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and criminal use of a facility. He was also charged with misdemeanor possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, intentional possession of a controlled substance, and use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

Thompson was initially held on $99,000 monetary bail and detained at the Lycoming County Prison. On July 16, his bail was changed to unsecured with supervised bail.

Sewell was charged with felony criminal use of a communication facility and possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. She was also charged with two misdemeanors in intentional possession of a controlled substance and use or possession of drug paraphernalia. 

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