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Williamsport, Pa. — Police surveilled an unwitting informant going into a home on Washington Blvd. in Williamsport with prerecorded currency to make a purchase for crack.

An unwitting informant is a person who is unaware they are providing information to law enforcement.

The unwitting informant was stopped moments after being observed leaving that residence on Sept. 7. According to the report, when questioned, the informant described the person he purchased the narcotics from, and told the officers he had bought from this person on 10-15 separate occasions.

Devin Eugene Mims, 34, of Williamsport was charged with felony possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and third-degree felony criminal use of a facility after the purchaser identified him for officers, according to the report.

Mims allegedly set the transaction up with the unwitting informant through his phone. Detective Tyson Havens, a detective with the District Attorney's Narcotics Enforcement Unit, said the description given by the informant matched Mims.

No bail was listed for Mims, who is scheduled to appear before Judge Aaron Biichle on Sept. 16 for a preliminary hearing.

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