Tymir Omar Martin, 19 (left) and Tahjair Dorsey, 20 were both apprehended by Williamsport Bureau of Police on August 30.

Williamsport, Pa. — Two Williamsport men were charged with felonies after detectives from the Williamsport Bureau of Police apprehended them near Beeber Street in the city.

Tahjair Ishaun Dorsey, 20, was charged with third-degree felony receiving stolen property, third-degree felony escape, third-degree felony carrying a firearm without a license, second-degree felony possession of a firearm prohibited, and second-degree resist arrest.

Dorsey, who officers said was a member of the 400 gang with previous weapons charges, is being held at the Lycoming County prison in lieu of $175,000 monetary bail.

Tymir Omar Martin, 19, of Williamsport was charged with second-degree receiving stolen property, third-degree felony firearms, and third-degree disorderly conduct hazardous to others. Martin is being held at the Lycoming County prison in lieu of $50,000 monetary bail.

Both men have preliminary hearings scheduled for this month.

On Aug. 30, officer Clinton Gardner said he initiated a traffic stop on a black Jaguar sedan for failing to utilize a turn signal.

As detectives attempted to stop the vehicle, two men allegedly could be slumping down in the backseat. According to the report, as the vehicle eventually came to a stop, both men immediately jumped out and ran.

Gardner said of attempting to stop Martin, “I immediately drew my firearm and ordered him to stop. Martin threw his hands up, put proceeded to flee on foot.”

Residents in the area noticed the commotion and started to watch from their homes as Gardner said he chased Martin, ordering him to stop “numerous” times. According to the report, Gardner was able apprehend Martin at the intersection of Oliver Street and Andrews Place.

Gardner said Martin had a loaded 9mm Stoeger STR 9C handgun tucked into his pants.

Dorsey was stopped when detectives deployed a taser to take him down. According to the affidavit, Dorsey, who officers said is a felon not to be in possession of a firearm, was discovered to have a loaded Smith and Wesson SD 9mm handgun.

Detectives said a search of the weapon showed it was stolen out of North Carolina.

Tahjair Ishaun Dorsey Docket sheet

Tymir Omar Martin Docket sheet

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