Bradford County, Pa. — Towanda State Police responded to a call when a neighbor located an unattended four-year-old inside their home.

The caller told Troopers that when they arrived home, their front door was open. Once inside, the caller said they found the neighbor’s son inside with just a diaper on.

Troopers said they were able to identify the parents as Thomas Charles Raymond, 26, and Tapanga McCartney, 26, both of Ridgway. The neighbor gave their address as 15830 Berwick Turnpike.

Troopers said as they arrived at the home the front door was wide open. Several attempts were made to call out with no result.

Due to the circumstances, troopers entered the residence and found both Raymond and McCartney sleeping on a bed.

According to the report, a one-year-old was in a crib next to the bed. Troopers said they also discovered a clear bag of suspected methamphetamine and a glass smoking device near the bed.

According to the report, Bradford County Child and Youth Services arrived at the location and took both children into custody.

Raymond was charged with third-degree felony endangering the welfare of a child, misdemeanor intentional possession of a controlled substance by a person not registered, and use or possession of paraphernalia.

McCartney was charged with third-degree felony endangering the welfare of children.

No bail was listed for either Raymond or McCartney. 

Docket Sheet 

Docket Sheet