strangulation charge

Linden, Pa. —A man in Linden became so enraged at the sight of a house guess, State Police said he attacked a man and ultimately strangled him.

According to a report from trooper Stephen Schramm, Michael Doughlas Flanigan, 55, of Linden pushed a man to the ground and began to choke him. Flanigan allegedly asked the man, “Is this how you want to die?”, according to a witness and the accuser.

A witness told Schramm, Flanigan became “enraged” when he saw a particular person with the accuser. Witnesses said Flanigan pushed the accuser to the ground several times before choking him to the point of near fainting.

Flanigan was charged with second-degree felony strangulation, first-degree misdemeanor terroristic threats, second-degree simple assault, and a summary charge of harassment.

Judge Jerry Lepley set Flanigan’s bail at $15,000 monetary on Nov. 20. Flanigan will appear before Lepley on Jan. 5 for a preliminary hearing.

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