Selinsgrove, Pa. — According to Selinsgrove State Police, troopers responded to a call at the Selinsgrove Center, a state owned intermediate care facility in Snyder County, for an alleged assault on staff.

Trooper Logan Brouse said he received a call at approximately 5:12 p.m. on March 31 for an alleged assault on staff at the facility.

Troopers said they spoke with Denise Lynn LaRoche, 26, of Selinsgrove after they arrived. LaRoche allegedly told troopers she had assaulted multiple staff members at the facility.

Through an investigation, troopers discovered LaRoche had thrown a remote at a staff member, allegedly striking them in the face between their eyes.

LaRoche is also accused of pushing two staff members to the floor, allegedly injuring them in the process. According to the report, LaRoche also slapped a staff member twice in the face, causing damage to eyeglasses.

Troopers said LaRoche verbally threatened staff and banged on a door in an office.

According to the report, LaRoche made the call to Trooper Brouse. She allegedly told him she had assaulted staff members when he spoke with her at the facility.

LaRoche was charged with multiple felony counts of second-degree aggravated assault.

According to court records, LaRoche was charged with nine counts of aggravated assault, seven counts of second-degree misdemeanor simple assault, eight counts of second-degree misdemeanor recklessly endangering another person, one count of first-degree misdemeanor terroristic threats, seven counts of third-degree misdemeanor harassment, and four counts of third-degree misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Records show LaRoche was charged in two separate incidents for her alleged behavior on March 31. According to court records, LaRoche was given $15,000 and $30,000 bail for the incidents. Both are monetary.

Records show LaRoche was unable to post bail in either incident as she was held at the Snyder County Prison. LaRoche did not request a public defender. One was not named on the docket sheet.