Middleburg, Pa. – A Snyder County man was charged for allegedly harassing Washington Township workers conducting road work this week, despite receiving a letter earlier this year from county officials asking him to stop the harassment.

Warren O’Connell, 51, of Selinsgrove, approached a township worker on Flint valley Road Monday afternoon as the crew was conducting roadwork. He then attempted to interact with the township worker, according to Pennsylvania State Police at Selinsgrove. The worker ignored O’Connell and continued his work.

O’Connell then allegedly parked his vehicle in front of the worker’s vehicle, preventing the worker from continuing to work until he interacted with O’Connell, state police said.

This was not O’Connell’s first time harassing a township worker. In January 2021, the Washington Township supervisors and Snyder County solicitor sent a letter to O’Connell asking him to stop harassing the township workers.

Harassment charges are being filed at the office of District Judge Lori Hackenberg.  

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