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Athens, Pa. — Jonel Vandyke, 24, of Sayre will have his day in court on Nov. 24 after an incident that occurred at the end of Oct., according to a criminal complaint.

Officers from the Athens Police Department investigated an alleged domestic dispute that involved Vandyke. Court records show he has been charged with several felonies stemming from the incident that include felony burglary, aggravated assault, and endangering the welfare of a child.

Officer Eric David Eccker arrived at 223 Hugh Street in Athens on Oct. 24 according to a complaint filed through the Athens Police Department.

Once on scene, Eccker stated he observed a female holding a young child outside the home. He also said there was a male walking around the inside of the residence.

According to the officers, Vandyke was identified as the person inside the residence. Eccker said that when officers asked him to come outside Vandyke replied, “I’m going to jail, I know, I have a protection order.”

According to Eccker, Vandyke was detained and put into the back of his patrol vehicle. Eccker said Vandyke was not wearing a shirt and allegedly had blood on his face and both hands, according to the complaint.

Eccker said he observed blood actively coming out of the accuser’s nose as she was holding a child. Eccker stated he called EMS. A male was with the accuser and had blood on the top half of his body, according to Eccker’s complaint.

Both the accuser and the male said they were sleeping when Vandyke entered the residence and started hitting them with a closed fist, according to the report. The accuser told Eccker she was grabbed from behind and choked while holding the child, according to the report.

Eccker said he observed blood on the mattress, multiple spots on the floor, on the bed and pillows, and sheets of the bed.

According to the accuser, Vandyke was able to enter the residence through a window. Eccker said he observed an upstairs window with the shades moved. According to Eccker all downstairs doors and windows were locked at the home.

A court summary showed Vandyke was charged with four first-degree felonies, a third-degree felony, and a several misdemeanors. Vandyke was being held on $50,000 monetary bond but was released on Oct. 24 after a professional bondsman posted bail, according to court records.