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Montgomery, Pa. – A Montoursville Weis Markets employee allegedly uploaded child pornography to Facebook via his employer's internet account, the Pa. State Police Computer Crime Unit reported.

Wayne A. Croll, 45, of Montgomery, is charged with 14 felony counts of child pornography. Croll allegedly used the pseudonym "David Short" while engaging in illegal activities online.

Trooper James Ballantyne said Yahoo and Facebook corporations each flagged seven videos of child pornography allegedly uploaded between Aug. 9, 2020, and Feb. 17, 2021.

The companies forwarded the activity to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which generated cybertips to the Pennsylvania State Police.

Ballantyne said the videos were uploaded to Facebook Messenger from an IP address that belonged to Comcast Communications.

An administrative subpoena for the IP address in question was served on Comcast, and returned that the IP was assigned to Weis Supermarkets in Montoursville, Pa.

"Weis Supermarkets confirmed Croll was employed at their Montoursville Supermarket," Ballantyne said.

A search warrant was served on Croll's home on Wednesday. Croll was interviewed at his residence and "at first denied the viewing or possession of child pornography," Ballantyne said.

Croll took a polygraph at PSP Montoursville and, according to Ballantyne, admitted to using the fake Facebook name David Short and possessing and emailing himself the videos that flagged the cybertip.

"Croll admitted to e-mailing himself seven videos and described in detail by their video names," Ballantyne said.

Lycoming County Magisterial District Judge Jon E. Kemp set Croll's bail at $100,000 monetary on Feb. 17.

Croll remains incarcerated at the Lycoming County Prison, unable to post. 

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