Clinton County Report's Courthouse 2021

The Clinton County Courthouse in downtown Lock Haven. 

Lock Haven, Pa. — Detective Richard Simpson, a nine-year veteran of the Lock Haven City Police Department, looked directly at the defendant as he described the condition of the body as the worst he had ever seen in his career.

Simpson was one of three law enforcement officials to testify at Wednesday’s preliminary hearing for Jamie Lynne Jackson, 36, of Lock Haven, at the Clinton County Courthouse.

Jackson is accused of felony criminal homicide, felony aggravated assault in the first degree, felony aggravated assault in the second degree, and felony child endangerment for her alleged role in the death of nine-year-old Anson Stover.

Court records show Jackson was also charged with a misdemeanor offense of conceal the death of a child and two second-degree misdemeanor charges of tamper with/fabricate evidence and abuse of a corpse. 

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The preliminary hearing started at 1 p.m. Thursday and lasted for a little more than two hours. Jackson is scheduled to appear in court again on Feb. 22. Despite arguments from her defense, all counts bound over.

Simpson’s eyes seemed to give away emotions sparked by what he described as the “torture” of a child. He went on to say Stover’s entire body was covered with bruises.

Simpson, who was present at the time the autopsy was conducted in the first week of December, said the body weighed 54 pounds.

Clinton County District Attorney David A. Strouse then said the child weighed 71 pounds when he visited a doctor in March of 2020.

Strouse said Jackson appeared to try to clean Stover's room.

Photos presented to the court showed an empty duffel bag found outside the bathroom and a carpet shampooer inside Stover’s bedroom.

Strouse went over photos that were taken from a dumpster near the home. Simpson identified cleaning supplies and beer cans mixed together. It was established Jackson was the only member of the home who consumed alcohol.

According to Simpson, Stover's body also had marks consistent with cigarette burns. He also noted Jackson had took several smoke breaks during the initial interview at City Hall. 

Simpson said Jackson told officers during an interview that she did not want to worry about messes in the home. Simpson also said she appeared frustrated when talking about Stover, who Jackson alleged urinated and defecated in the apartment.

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Simpson said after receiving a search warrant, a partial piece of the carpet was removed from Stover’s bedroom. According to Simpson, there were no signs of urine or feces.  

Officers Gage Fischer and Andrew Fisher of the Lock Haven City Police Department, who were first on scene the night of the alleged incident, explained in detail what they found in the apartment located at 657 East Bald Eagle Street on Nov. 30.

Fisher struggled at times as he described the scene.

Fisher said he spoke with Jackson’s father Hugh Jackson, who said his daughter told him, “she needed him now more than ever” and “not to tell anyone” as he traveled from New York to Lock Haven on Nov. 30.

As both officers arrived at the apartment, they said Jamie Jackson became hysterical to the point of screaming and crying.

Hugh Jackson, who Fisher spoke with on the phone before arriving at the residence, told officers “Anson was gone.”

Both officers described the child as fully clothed, lying on his right side in the fetal position with noticeable bruising on his head and hands. Both also said there was liquid coming out of his nose and mouth.

Jackson is currently being held without bail at the Clinton County Prison.