Bloomsburg, Pa. —When Scott Township police officer, Vincent Figueiredo approached a vehicle on Riverview Avenue, he could see two people in the front seat slumped over.

According to the report, Figeiredo attempted to wake the driver several times. The officer said he observed a black case on the driver’s lap that allegedly contained a clear plastic baggie and rubber band.

Figeiredo identified the driver as Christopher Michael Starr, 29, of Bloomsburg from prior interactions with authorities. The passenger was identified as Mekayla Lynn Hendricks, 22, of Elysburg.

After several attempts to speak with the Starr, Figeiredo spoke with Hendricks, who allegedly had a used syringe in between her legs on the passenger seat. According to Figeiredo, Hendricks, who admitted to using heroin that day, was estimated to be seven or eight months pregnant.

As officers spoke with Starr and Hendricks, both allegedly had glassy, bloodshot eyes. Starr allegedly told officers he didn’t know what day of the week it was.

Officers said a search of the black case found with Starr yielded 13 empty baggies, eight full baggies, a pocketknife, a cigarette wrapper, a purple band, and a clear baggie with cotton.

The purple bag officers said they discovered with Hendricks yielded 45 empty baggies, a razor blade, a mirror, three syringes, a glass pipe, and eight full baggies.

According to the report, tests conducted at the Pennsylvania State Police Laboratory were positively identified as fluorofentanyl and fentanyl.

Hendricks was charged with several misdemeanors that included first-degree endangering the welfare of children and one count each of intentional possession of a controlled substance and use or possession of drug paraphernalia. No bail was listed for Hendricks, who is scheduled for a preliminary hearing with Russell Lawton on Sept. 2.

Starr, who authorities said had an active warrant at the time of his arrest, was charged with intentional possession of a controlled substance and use or possession of drug paraphernalia. Both are misdemeanors. Starr has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Sept. 1.

Christopher Starr Docket sheet

Mekayla Lynn Henricks Docket sheet

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