New Columbia, Pa. – On October 13, 1986, two-year-old Corey James Edkin went missing from his home in Union County. Now, more than 30 years later, police say the missing child case is not closed and they have made significant advances.

Edkin was last seen alive on October 12 at his home at 159 2nd Street in New Columbia. His mother, Debbie Mowery, of New Berlin, reportedly placed Edkin inside her bed and drove to a convenience store during the early morning hours of October 13, according to Pennsylvania State Police at Milton.

Mowery’s female roommate and several other children remained at the home while she went to the store.

After Edkin was reported missing, an extensive search of the area was conducted, including the Susquehanna River. But there no trace of the small blue-eyed boy, who was wearing gray pajamas at the time of his disappearance, police said.

Investigators working the case do not believe it is likely that Edkin walked away from the residence nor that he was abducted by a third party. The criminal investigators at PSP Milton said the case has been active and they have leads all over the United States.

There have been recent significant advances in the case, according to police. They did not expound on what those leads are.

The investigators cite cooperation from individuals with information pertaining to Edkin’s disappearance and advances in forensic technology as the recent for recent progress on the case.

“I’m confident the individuals who caused this tragedy will be brought to justice,” said lead investigator Trooper Brian Watkins.

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