A Lycoming County man claimed he fired a warning shot "into the air" to ward off a trespasser. 

Police said bullet impact evidence shows the gun was aimed toward where the victim was standing. 

Randy Joe Swank, 56, allegedly fired a shot from a semi-automatic pistol while standing on his front porch at 1205 Funston Road, Franklin Township, Lycoming County, on July 7, 2019, according to police.

"[The victim] related that Swank shot one round 15 feet or so in front of him," Montoursville State Police Trooper Kevin Bencsics wrote in his affidavit. 

The victim told police that he was on Swank's property to retrieve his wallet. An argument ensued and Swank appeared with a pistol, according to the victim.

"Hey (expletive), I'll blow your head off," the victim said Swank told him, before firing one round into the grass in front of him.

Swank told the story differently. Swank told police that he warned the victim to "get off his property" and then "fired one round from his porch into the air," according to the affidavit.

Swank's account is "contrary to the evidence observed at the scene," Bencsics wrote.

A bullet was recovered from the grass with an impact trajectory consistent with the victim's story.

Police allegedly also found methamphetamine pipes on Swank's property and in his possession, although Swank was not charged in relation to that.

Swank was charged with one count of first degree felony criminal attempt - aggravated assault, one count of second degree felony aggravated assault, one count of first degree misdemeanor criminal attempt - terroristic threats, two counts of second degree misdemeanor criminal attempt - recklessly endangering another person, one count of third degree misdemeanor criminal attempt - harassment - threatening language. 

Swank was unable to post bail and was placed in Lycoming County Prision on July 8, 2019. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing before Magisterial District Judge Jon E. Kemp on July 12, 2019.