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Centre County, Pa. —A chaotic scene in Centre County that involved drugs, a man possibly being held captive, and State Police Troopers originated with a 911 call and hang-up, according to an affidavit.

Troopers with Newport PSP said they arrived at a residence near the 100 block of Dennis Alan Circle in Centre County and observed a man that appeared in distress inside. Trooper Kyle Trate said a flashlight was shined into the window causing the man to react.

Trate attempted to speak with an individual at the front of the home, who allegedly told troopers nobody placed a 911 call. The person allegedly attempted to close the door on troopers, who said they forced their way into the home and took the man into custody so a protective sweep could be conducted.

Robert Lewis Mothersbaugh, 56, of Spring Mills informed troopers another man was present at the home. Mothersbaugh allegedly yelled to the person to come out. He was also taken into custody.

Trate said a locked room was discovered on the second floor of the residence. Once inside, troopers said they discovered another person, who said Mothersbaugh welcomed him to stay at the home.

The person allegedly told officers he smoked methamphetamine with Mothersbaugh prior to an argument taking place. Mothersbaugh allegedly locked the man inside the room and threaten to call authorities on him.

A search warrant was obtained for the home, which troopers said they used to locate eight marijuana plants, drug paraphernalia, and a small bag of marijuana.

Mothersbaugh was charged with felony manufacture with intent to deliver a controlled substance and three separate misdemeanors in intentional possession of a controlled substance, marijuana possession, and use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

Mothersbaugh is scheduled to appear in Centre County Court this week. He was initially given $2,500 unsecured bail which was posted.

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