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Shamokin, Pa. —As Cody Zacchaeus Horne, 26, of Shamokin made his way out of a business, police said they immediately called his name and attempted to apprehend him.

Wesley Fleming of the City of Shamokin Police Department said Horne threw a backpack he was carrying on the ground. Fleming said officers were able to take Horne into custody and retrieve the backpack.

Inside the backpack, officers said they found 17 grams of methamphetamine, 127 packets of fentanyl, six pills that were identified as oxycodone, $610 in cash, and a glass smoking stem with burnt residue on it.

Horne, who officers confirmed had an active warrant in Northumberland, was charged with one count each of felony possession with intent to deliver and misdemeanor use of possession of drug paraphernalia. He was charged with the same offenses for the previous warrant.

Court records show Horne currently has four active cases against him in the Northumberland County court system. He was given $75,000 monetary bail on July 7.

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