Berwick, Pa. — An agent with the Attorney General’s office said he waited for more than two hours after his confidential informant (CI) gave a man $3,000 for a controlled buy of methamphetamine.

Agent Joseph Solarczyk said he arranged the purchase of a quarter pound of methamphetamine from Dustin Thomas Kemp, 27, of Berwick through a CI. According to the report, Solarczyk and the informant met with Kemp at a predetermined location near the 700 block of Monroe Street in Berwick.

Kemp was given $3,000 in cash to make the drug purchase. He left the area and allegedly blocked the informant on Facebook shortly after walking away.

On Sept. 29, officers and agents said they spoke with Kemp, who allegedly admitted to taking the money and giving it to a third person who never returned. "Kemp could not provide an explanation why he never relayed this information to the CI or began blocking his/her number after leaving with the $3,000," Solarczyk wrote.

Kemp was charged with one count each of felony conspiracy, third-degree felony criminal use of a communication facility, and third-degree theft. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 11 for Kemp, who will remain in Columbia County Prison on $40,000 monetary bail until that time.

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