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Shamokin Dam, Pa. — An allegedly intoxicated man shot a gun inside a home in Shamokin Dam the morning of Sept. 17. 

Scott J. Nace now faces several felony charges. State police at Selinsgrove say Nace, 29, had been drinking heavily at the home at the 100 block of Ninth Avenue when he discharged the .357 Magnum revolver in the kitchen and hit the floor.

Another resident at the home took the gun away from Nace. The resident told police that he fell asleep and awoke several hours later to Nace firing the gun at a storage locker in the basement. The resident claimed Nace also owned a .410 shotgun pistol, which Nace initially denied. 

Trooper Alex Leiby interviewed Nace, who told him the other resident had held the gun to his face in the basement. When Nace went to push the gun away, it discharged and hit a storage locker. 

Police obtained a search warrant to pull a video from a Ring security camera at the home, which showed Nace going outside to smoke a cigarette while holding the gun. He then went back inside the house.

Nace later admitted to police that he fired the gun in the kitchen, but he could not remember how the gun was discharged during a scuffle in the basement with the other resident. 

Nace was charged with three felony counts each of discharging a firearm, risking a catastrophe, and misdemeanors of recklessly endangering another person. District Judge John H. Reed set bail at $50,000 monetary. 

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