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Muncy, Pa. — A Montgomery man was charged for voting twice during the November 2022 election.

Officials say Brian Paul Vollman II, 25, voted on Nov. 8 at the Clinton Township polling location and then again at the Muncy Creek Township location.

Poll discovered the error when Vollman’s father came to vote at the Clinton Township. Vollman had signed the polling book in the space for his father’s name, according to the affidavit written by county detective Joseph W. Hope.

Vollman’s father called him and asked if he signed the book in his name. When Vollman admitted to signing his father’s name, Vollman Sr. yelled at him and told him he was not registered to vote in Clinton Township.

Vollman then went to the Muncy Creek Township polling location and told the poll worker he needed to change his address. The poll worker provided him with the change of address and told him he could vote one last time at the Muncy Creek Township location, Hope wrote.

When Forest Lehman, director of Lycoming County Voter Services, interviewed Vollman he told him he voted at the Muncy Creek Township location but denied voting in Clinton Township. A family member told Lehman that Vollman had voted in Clinton Township signing under his father’s name and then voted again at Muncy Township.

Vollman admitted later to Hope that he voted at both locations. When asked if he did anything to correct it once he was made aware of the error, Vollman answered “no,” Hope wrote.

Vollman told Hope he previously lived in Clinton Township, moved to another township, and then moved back to Clinton Township in 2021.

Vollman was charged with a felony of repeat voting at elections. District Judge William C. Solomon set bail at $15,000 unsecured. A preliminary hearing at the Muncy magisterial office is set for Feb. 17.

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