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Williamsport – A man was charged with simple assault and criminal trespass after he allegedly broke into an apartment and hit a child.

Police said Lonnie R. McElwee, 47, of Williamsport, broke into a woman’s apartment at the 2000 block of Newberry Street around 5 p.m. January 20, 2020. The man was attempting to retrieve his girlfriend’s child, who was friends with the apartment tenant’s son, according to the affidavit written by Officer Andrew Stevens of Williamsport Bureau of Police.

The girlfriend’s son had fled to the apartment earlier that day. The woman at the apartment said the child showed up at the door “wearing no coat with the temperature being in the teens.” He reportedly told her that his mother and McElwee were intoxicated and fighting, and they had locked him out of their home on Glynn Avenue. Due to the circumstances, the woman called Children and Youth Services.

Almost two hours later, McElwee pounded on the apartment door and entered the apartment. The woman inside the apartment grabbed a baseball bat and attempted to force McElwee out of the apartment. Her 10-year-old child attempted to help his mother push McElwee out of the apartment. McElwee then punched the child in the left side of the face, causing redness and a swollen split open lip, Stevens wrote in the affidavit.

McElwee was arraigned and charged with a felony charge of criminal trespass, misdemeanor charge of simple assault and a summary of harassment. His case was held for court at his preliminary hearing at the office of District Magistrate Christian D. Frey. Formal arraignment will be on February 24 in front of Judge Ryan M. Tira at the Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas.

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