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Mifflinburg, Pa. – Police in Mifflinburg have charged a man with attempted kidnapping and robbery after he allegedly attempted to get into a parked vehicle with two young girls inside.

Moses J. Fahnstock, 38, of Mifflinburg, was at Weis Markets in Mifflinburg on the evening of July 18 when he allegedly approached a vehicle in the parking lot with two minor girls inside, ages 14 and 11.

The parents were inside the store at the time, according to the arrest affidavit.

Fahnstock started walking around the vehicle and looking inside the windows, including the back window, according to an account the girls gave to police.

He then approached the driver’s side door. The girls told responding officer David Shaffer, Mifflinburg Police Department, that they believe Fahnstock tried opening the door with the handle, according to the affidavit written by Shaffer.

The girls were not certain because they were scared and began screaming, Shaffer wrote. Fahnstock began to walk away, but kept watching them, and was filming them with his phone.

The girls called their mother, who came out of the store and observed Fahnstock standing on the porch of Weis taking photos, or videos, of the girls with his phone.

Shaffer found Fahnstock inside the store a short time later.

When he asked Fahnstock about the incident, he became defensive, and refused to talk or give his name, Shaffer wrote in the affidavit.

When Shaffer attempted to handcuff Fahnstock to detain him, he began to struggle before a nearby shopper assisted in getting both of Fahnstock's hands into the handcuffs. 

Once handcuffed, Fahnstock began to yell at customers “that they were just standing and laughing because he was white. He stated that if he was black, it would be different,” Shaffer wrote.

Fahnstock also accused the government of having police place charges on him.

Fahnstock later told police that he had seen a camera in the vehicle and was wondering why they were filming him. He then changed the story to say he saw a camera on the dashboard that he was interested in, and he was just looking at the camera, Shaffer wrote.

Fahnstock was arraigned in front of District Judge Jeffrey C. Mensch and bail was set at $150,000 monetary. He remains in Union County Jail awaiting his preliminary hearing at Mensch’s office on Aug. 24.

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