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Berwick, Pa. —Police in Berwick walked into a home an observed a bag of crystal methamphetamine and another with several pills inside sitting on a coffee table in plain view.

The homeowner and two unwelcomed house guests would not claim possession of the narcotics, according to a report from officer Joseph Loyacono.

All three men were charged with constructive possession of the narcotics.

Bryn Morgan Whitmire, 27, of Berwick, Brian Labar, 55, of Berwick, and Bo Jacob Fredric Waters, 39, homeless were all charged with intentional possession of a controlled substance and use or possession of drug paraphernalia. All charges are ungraded misdemeanors.

According to Loyacono, Waters was given an additional count of possession of drug paraphernalia after a hypodermic needled was discovered inside his pocket.

During a phone call with authorities, Labar told officers he let both men stay at his residence until they became too loud. Labar allegedly became irate when officers said they were going to visit his home.

All three men have preliminary hearings scheduled for early Dec. with Judge Richard Knecht.

Bo Jacob Fredric docket sheet

Bryn Morgan Whitmire docket sheet

Brian Labar docket sheet

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