Assault charges

Bloomsburg, Pa. —Bloomsburg police officers said they witnessed a man kick a woman in the face after being called to the scene of a domestic at a local bar.

Patrolman Shawn Hill said he immediately took the male, identified as Douglas Claude May, 31, of Bloomsburg into custody. According to the report, Hill then approached the female, who told officers she was there to get her car from May.

Hill said he observed cuts on the female’s right hand, on both knees, and a clump of hair matching her color laying on the sidewalk. According to the report, the female complained of a headache as officers interviewed her.

The accuser told officers May punched the driver’s side window of her car, causing it to break. May allegedly then grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground before he slammed her head off the pavement.

According to the report, as officers got to the scene, the accuser seated herself near against a fence before May kicked her in the face. Hill said the victim was transported to Geisinger Bloomsburg for evaluation.

May, who has an active DUI case against him, was charged with second-degree misdemeanor simple assault and a summary offense of harassment. May posted $10,000 monetary bail on Sept. 5.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 15 with Judge Russell Lawton in Columbia County Court. Records show May pled guilty to second-degree misdemeanor indecent assault without the consent of other in 2012.

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