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Williamsport, Pa. – The Lycoming County District Attorney's office recently withdrew drug charges against a Williamsport man who implicated prominent local figures.

New charges were filed against him in Loyalsock Township for a separate incident, court records indicate.

On Monday, the DA's office withdrew three felony charges against George M. Cooksey, 51, for alleged drug activity in the City of Williamsport.

District Attorney Ryan C. Gardner didn't respond when asked why he withdrew Cooksey's charges.

The DA filed new charges against Cooksey in Loyalsock Township later that day.

Cooksey now faces the same three felony charges in Loyalsock Township that he previously faced in Williamsport City: two felony counts of manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver a controlled substance; and one felony count of criminal use of a communication facility.

Cooksey's newest docket sheet shows the alleged drug activity occurred in Loyalsock Township on Sept. 11.

District Judge Gary Whiteman's office indicated they can't release Cooksey's arrest records until after he's been arraigned.

Cooksey has no scheduled arraignment date at this time. 

Narcotics Enforcement Unit Detective Michael A. Caschera III was the arresting officer in both cases against Cooksey.

Caschera wrote in his original affidavit of probable cause that Cooksey admitted to selling cocaine to prominent individuals.

According to Caschera, a credible NEU informant also said Cooksey sold "large amounts of cocaine at and/or to local businesses in Williamsport." 

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The withdrawn charges were for incidents on or about Aug. 21 through Sept. 11 in the City of Williamsport.

First Assistant District Attorney Martin Wade approved the original charges against Cooksey on Sept. 15. They were filed in the office of District Judge Aaron S. Biichle the same day.

Since the commonwealth withdrew Cooksey's charges on Sept. 21, those records are no longer available to the public.

Cooksey docket sheet - Loyalsock Township

Cooksey docket sheet - Williamsport (withdrawn)