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Muncy Township, Pa. – Two men were charged with reckless endangerment after one accidentally shot himself with the other's gun in a moving car, state police at Montoursville reported.

The men were traveling in a Nissan Murano driven by Scott D. Danielson, 54, of Grove City, PSP Montoursville Trooper Aaron R. Edwards wrote in a Dec. 30 affidavit.

Danielson's friend, Kyle W. Zimmerman, 32, of Hughesville, accidentally shot himself in the calf with Danielson's Springfield XDS 9 mm handgun, Edwards said.

The pistol reportedly discharged as they entered the parking lot of Sam's Club, 611 Lycoming Mall Circle, Muncy Township, on July 25.

Edwards claims Danielson allowed his friend to handle the gun while the car was still moving.

"[His friend] wanted to try to take it apart so he took out the magazine and cleared the firearm. While the vehicle was still in motion, in the occupied parking lot, he heard the gun go off and [the friend] started yelling to call 911," Edwards alleges Danielson told him.

The bloody handgun still was laying on the passenger side of the car, along with a 9 mm bullet, when police arrived, according to Edwards.

Danielson's friend was taken via ambulance to Williamsport Hospital for treatment.

Danielson and Zimmerman each were charged with one second-degree misdemeanor count of recklessly endangering another person.

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