South Williamsport, Pa. – A Lock Haven woman allegedly concealed drugs in her body at the time of her commitment to the Lycoming County Prison, South Williamsport Police reported.

Twenty-seven year old Emily E. Proctor is charged with one count of felony possession of a controlled substance by an inmate and two counts of misdemeanor use/possession of drug paraphernalia.

"Proctor did, unlawfully have in her possession approximately (4) suboxone pills packaged in a plastic wrapper and concealed in her vagina at the time of her commitment to the Lycoming Count Prison," Officer Jacob Summers wrote in an Oct. 12 criminal complaint.

Police said they detained Proctor on Sept. 24 following the report of a disturbance and possible overdose at the Red Roof Inn, 234 Route 15.

Summers said he and another officer arrived at the hotel and observed Proctor "frantically waving her arms in an upstairs window while approaching a side door to the hotel."

Proctor, who Summers described as a frequent methamphetamine and bath salt users, was taken into custody on a probation detainer.

Summers said police found a silver pipe in Proctor's pocket "consistent with one used to smoke methamphetamine or bath salts."

Several other items of drug paraphernalia and various pill bottles were seized from the hotel room, Summers said. 

Drugs were found on Proctor during a strip search at the Lycoming County Prison, according to the complaint.