theft charges 2020

A Hughesville woman had been charged after allegedly stealing about $10,000 from the activity fund of Montoursville High School earlier this school year. 

Jimi Sue Wodrig, 32, of 178 South Third Street, faces a felony charge for theft, another felony charge for theft by deception, and a final felony charge for receiving stolen property.

On November 18, Principal Daniel Taormina of Montoursville High School contacted Montoursville police to report a theft from the school's activity fund. A forensic audit was completed on the account on December 12. It was found that the account was $10,219.05 short, according to court record. This money was generated through fund raising and donations. The money is then turned in at the school before being deposited in the bank.

Wodrig, an employee of the school, was responsible for handling the deposits into the activity fund. She would then fill out paperwork to track the money coming in and out of the account. According to the affidavit, during the time period of July 1 to November 12, there were 42 separate transactions where Wodrig allegedly deposited no cash, or only partial the amount of cash and checks. There were also several occasions where Wodrig allegedly failed to fill out a deposit slip, when only cash was being deposited.  

Wodrig also created false documentation to further obfuscate these thefts, according to court record. She would allegedly create fake receipts to hand to her superiors to make it look like she had been depositing the correct amount of money into the activity fund. According to the affidavit, the 42 transactions ranged in price from $10 to about $2,300.

She faced a preliminary hearing before the Hon. Gary Whiteman on Feb. 11. Her bail was set at $25,000.