Fogan was led away after being found guilty on all charges on Monday, Sept. 27, 2021.

Williamsport, Pa. — I-Keem Fogan, convicted murderer, was denied multiple motions that would have granted him a new trial in Lycoming County Court on Tuesday.

Judge Marc Lovecchio denied the following motions: the court erred by playing surveillance video of the murder from several different angles; a potential juror being unable to make a fair decision; testimony from Agent Jeremy Brown after Fogan was taken into custody; an inquiry about death penalty cases in Pennsylvania; and finally, the court erred by not pursuing a third-degree murder charge in the incident.

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Fogan’s public defender, Nicole Spring, said an appeal will be filed on Fogan’s behalf within the 30-day time frame.

Fogan was convicted of the 2019 killing of a woman during an attempted robbery of a Newberry convenience store. Fogan’s trial, which started in late September and concluded in early October, ended with a life sentence and no possibility of parole.

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In other matters, Judge Lovecchio waived court costs so that Fogan could begin raising the court ordered $7,000 to repay the family of the victim for funeral costs.

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