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A physical altercation escalated when a Centre County man's dog allegedly bit two people, state police at Rockview said.

Investigating officer Ryan Monoski said Robert N. Lewis, 37, and Robert C. Lewis, 60, "were grabbing and punching each other" around 6:35 a.m. on May 19.

The alleged physical harassment occurred on Dietrich Road in Walker Township, Centre County, Monoski wrote in a May 30 press release.

"A female tried to break up the fight and both parties pushed her," Monoski wrote.

During the alleged fight, Robert N. Lewis' dog allegedly bit the female and Robert C. Lewis, Monoski said.

The female victim's name was not released but police said she is 39-year-old Bellefonte resident.

Robert N. Lewis and Robert C. Lewis each were charged with two counts of harassment, Monoski said.

Robert N. Lewis also was charged with one count of summary leash law, according to police.

In a separate case, Robert N. Lewis has a second degree misdemeanor simple assault charge pending in Centre County Court for an alleged May 10 incident.