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Linden, Pa. -- A woman who told a humane society officer that she was in the process of cleaning and fumigating the interior of her property allegedly admitted to owning eight of the 13 cats found in poor conditions at her home, according to a police affidavit. 

Candace Leeann Temple, 48, claimed ownership of eight of the felines and identified the owner of three cats, two kittens, and the bearded dragon as John Daniels, 50. 

Temple and Daniels are both listed as residents of Harvest Moon Park in Linden.

Officer Shawn McMonigle, upon investigating the property on July 6, wrote that the cat and kitten cages were "filty with feces/urine. The fur on the cats appeared matted and filthy with cats and kittens lying in feces."

McMonigle also reported an overabundance of flies, meagre food, and "filthy, unsanitary water." When McMonigle provided fresh water to the animals, he wrote that the cats "drank the water insatiably until [it] was depleted."

McMonigle said he felt that the animals were in need of immediate attention and requested assistance from the Lycoming County SPCA.

On July 7, McMonigle reported receiving a call from a Jonathan Simpson of Georgia. Simpson said he had moved approximately three months beforehand and left an adult black and white long-haired cat with Temple and Daniels and was requesting the animal back, but McMonigle informed Simpson that the animal was not being cared for properly.

He wrote, "one or more or all of the animals were placed at imminent risk of serious bodily injury."

McMonigle filed charges of 13 misdemeaner and summary accounts of animal neglect and failure to  provide necessary veterinary care, failure to provide necessary sustenance and potable water, and lack of access to clean and sanitary shelter and protection from weather for both Temple and Daniels.

Both face a preliminary hearing on Aug. 25 before the Honorable Judge Jerry C. Lepley.

Temple docket sheet

Daniels docket sheet

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