Williamsport, Pa. – Two local businesses recently were burglarized, the Williamsport Bureau of Police Department reported.

Officers said they investigated a reported burglary at The Tiny Bakery Shop, 443 Market St., on Sept. 28. According to court records, police discovered Samuel Joseph Agor unconscious in an east room located on the property. Agor was eventually placed in handcuffs after officers stated he needed considerable prodding to wake.  

Officers stated they discovered what they called a “works kit” containing a glass pipe, marijuana, blunt wrappers, and packaging materials. Officers also stated they found a portable DVD player, dvd’s, and a scalpel set and butane torch that was reportedly belonged to the bakery. 

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Officers said a further investigation yielded ham, cheese, and raw hamburger that they determined to be stolen from Acme BBQ.

It is alleged by police that Agor broke into Acme BBQ on Sept. 26 through a basement storm door. Police claim Agor rummaged through bags of quinoa, rice, and sugar packets. The affidavit stated Agor was eventually able to get access to a refrigerator in the back of the store and stole packages of meats and a Mountain Dew.

On Oct. 3, Agor was interviewed at Williamsport Police Headquarters. Police stated he admitted to breaking into Acme BBQ and taking meats and pickled eggs. Police also stated he admitted to scattering quinoa, rice, and sugar around the basement floor.

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Agor, who was questioned in connection to a break-in in Old Lycoming on Sept. 23, is being held at the Lycoming County Prison on an assortment of charges that include felony burglary, felony criminal trespassing, felony receiving stolen property, and felony theft by unlawful taking.

He is being held on $100,000 monetary bail.

Agor has three active cases against him in Lycoming County.