Former congressional candidate Sean Parnell, an Army veteran and regular fixture on right-wing television news networks, has announced he intends to run for the US Senate.

Parnell narrowly lost election to Pa.'s congressional district 17 against U.S. Rep. Conor Lamb, 49 to 51.

Lamb is also running for the open senate seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Pat Toomey.

The race was in a congressional district near Pittsburgh, which historically has been dominated by Republicans.  

Next years senate election will be a likely determinant of how congressional relations are moving forward between congress and the Biden administration.

Parnell, 58, is a purple heart recipient and known supporter of former president Donald J. Trump, and has been known to push the unfounded claims of voter fraud as it relates to 2020. 

The 2022 race to replace Toomey is becoming highly contentious on both political divides with many well-known public figures.

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