trump souveniers photo.jpg

The Trump souvenir tent sells everything from T-shirts and hats to Trump bobbleheads. Photo Credit: Steve Bagwell

As the days count down to President Trump’s planned rally at the Regional Williamsport Airport in Montoursville on May 20, 2019, the community readies.

Population in the borough is expected to more than double the day of the event, posing traffic and parking concerns. Montoursville Police estimate that roughly 10,000 people plan to attend the event on Monday.

Shuttles will be running all day during and after the event from Lycoming Mall beginning at 9 AM.

The Montoursville Police department has issued a statement on the items that are and are not allowed at the event according to WNEP, including:

  • NO travel mugs

  • NO coolers

  • NO chairs

  • NO backpacks or bags

  • YES to factory-bottled water

School District Shuts Down

The Montoursville Area School District proactively cancelled school on Monday.

“With the swell of people coming into the borough we did not want to have buses locked in traffic, or worse, stopped due to any disturbances or protests,” said Christina Bason, Superintendent of the district.

“If something detrimental happened at any of our schools, we were unsure if emergency services would be able to quickly respond. Children walk home from neighborhood schools and some of the streets that they live on will be blocked off, not allowing them entry,” she explained. “When you consider all of the situations that could arise, we will err on the side of caution and ensure our children are safe.” 

Watch for Changes to Traffic Patterns

Heavy law enforcement is planned for the event, and a protest area is designated for the 200 block of Jordan Avenue at South Loyalsock Avenue.

Watch for signage the day of event. Access to the Regional Airport will be from South Loyalsock Avenue only.

A vendor tent, flapping with T-shirts and flags sporting a “Keep America Great Again” slogan has been erected at the corner of South Loyalsock and Broad Street selling merchandise in advance of the event. From California, the proprietor travels across the country ahead of the Presidential rallies, selling to eager supporters. “The people here are very nice,” he said.