After 30 successful years, the Apple and Cheese Festival is taking a break in 2020. PA Apple & Cheese Festival logo from Facebook

After 30 successful years, Rekindle the Spirit Inc. has announced that they will no longer be organizing the Apple and Cheese Festival in 2020.

The announcement was made by Lucy Chamberlain, President of Rekindle the Spirit, after a monthly board meeting was held on January 8 of this year. At that board meeting a vote was held to decide the fate of this year’s festival.

“This decision was not an easy one and we have met several times over the past few months to discuss this concern and our options. Over the past three years, there have been advertisements, posts and personal pleas for more volunteers to coordinate the festival, but we have not had enough step forward to continue the festival for 2020. It is a year-round commitment and due to this, a decision needed to be made now, rather than continue to wait and hope for more people to come forward or agree to our requests after we have contacted them.”

The festival, located in Canton, Pa., has not only struggled with volunteers recently, but finding consistent vendors to cater to fair-goers.

“We have had an outpouring of effort to continue this festival for the past 30 years, but that has been reducing annually without finding replacements for the key positions responsible for organizing the festival. The PA Apple and Cheese Festival has not only had a more difficult time finding dedicated and committed volunteers, but apple product vendors and more cheese vendors as well.”

Despite listing the lack of involvement and volunteers as a main issue, Chamberlain was complimentary and thankful to the local community for it’s years of support: “Through the past 30 years, we have had hundreds of Canton community members involved in so many areas of the festival and that continued dedication is greatly admired and appreciated.“

Chamberlain did say that the board hopes this is just a “break,” and that the festival could continue in the years that follow if the right steps are taken and support is given.

“If you would like to volunteer with us, have ideas or suggestions to offer - please contact me through our Rekindle the Spirit or PA Apple & Cheese Facebook pages. Here is that link: or e-mail me at with your requests and ideas.”

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