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On Wednesday, May 6, Pennsylvania's Attorney General Josh Shapiro will phone in arguments to the United States Supreme Court in favor of keeping birth control coverage in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Acts. The argument comes after a Trump Administration decision in 2017 that allows employers to deny coverage of contraceptives and birth control based on personal beliefs.

“Contraception is medicine. My office has protected women’s legally guaranteed access to birth control and other contraceptives for over two years under attacks from the Trump Administration,” said Attorney General Shapiro. “It is ludicrous to think that if the President gets his way, it would be legal in this country to allow virtually any employer to deny women access to contraception for any reason, including extreme beliefs such as not wanting women to be in the workforce.”

According to the Attorney General's argument, women have historically been denied full and equal access to healthcare due to higher costs and discriminatory coverage, and the Women's Health Amendment to the Affordable Care act helped by guaranteeing access to preventive health care that includes birth control.

AG Shapiro's testimony in May will argue that the Trump administration broke the law by issuing regulations which "deprive women of the basic health care guaranteed by Congress," and will further criticize the decision for being "issued without notifying the public or seeking its input."

The arguments will be presented to the U.S. Supreme Court by teleconference due to COVID-19 restrictions, which will be a first in American history. In addition, the arguments will be available to listen to in real-time instead of recordings and transcripts released after the conclusion of the hearing.

Members of the public may listen to the oral argument beginning at 10 a.m. ET through C-SPAN television networks, online via C-SPAN.org, or on the C-SPAN Radio app.

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