On the PULSE

Williamsport – The Lycoming County commissioners approved a number of agenda items at their public meeting Thursday, including new personnel, grant applications for voting machines and child welfare service contracts. On the PULSE provides a brief list of action items and votes after each Thursday meeting.

Approve Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) grant application. PASS 3-0

  • A federal grant of $114,000 to go toward covering the cost of new voting machines for the county. The grant will not cover the entire cost of the machines. 

Approve Resolution 2019- 10 Plan of Finance by the Geisinger Authority. PASS 3-0 

  • Geisinger is seeking to apply for tax exempt bonds of up to $1 Billion to finance equipment and software systems for the medical institution. Since the bonds are tax exempt the company must public show they will use the bonds for a valid, charitable service. No county or taxpayer funds will be obligated to pay the bonds. 

Approve CDBG professional service agreements: PASS 3-0

  • Between CDGB and Lycoming County for administration work – $105,540

  • American Rescue Workers fiscal year 2018 – $98,519

  • American Rescue Workers fiscal year 2015 – $33,066

  • South Williamsport fiscal year 2018 – $93,151

  • Jersey Shore fiscal year 2018 – $76,659

Approve lease agreement with Lycoming Community Care, Inc. PASS 3-0 

  • A symbolic lease agreement of $1 for the nursing home facility so it has the ability to secure financing agreements in the future. 

Approve Bridge Loan Agreement with Armstrong Township for the Sylvan Dell Conservation Project. PASS 3-0 

  • Applications for bridge loans for the Sylvan Dell Conservation Project. 

Approve purchase agreement with Logistic Systems, Inc. in the amount of $45,871.35 PASS 3-0 

  • A computer aided dispatch system that integrates 911 call info with rapid computer generated response notifications. Financed through 911 funds.

Approve HR Activity report for June. PASS 3-0

Approve TDA change PASS 3-0 

  • DPS Communications – reclassify Deputy Director/Communications Manager pay grades 11/12 to Communication Manager pay grades 10/11 effective 7/14/19.

Approve the following personnel actions: PASS 3-0 

  • Coroner – Olivia A. Forney as a part time replacement for Deputy Coroner/On call – pay grade 07 – $18.720059 per hour effective 7/28/19. 

  • Commissioners – Kristen L. Liddic as a reclassification to Administrative Specialist (Procurement) – pay grade 06 – $19.000166. Title change only.

  • DPS Communications – Beth A. Baylor – as a promotion/full time replacement Communications Manager – pay grade 11 – $63,297.41 annually effective 7/14/19.

Memorandum of Understanding between the County of Lycoming and West Branch Drug & Alcohol Abuse Commission in the amount of $5,000 from the County Act 198 fund. PASS 3-0

  •  A fund to reduce DUI and drug related offenses. 

Memorandum of Understanding between the County of Lycoming and West Branch Drug & Alcohol Abuse Commission in the amount of $40,000 from the County’s Act 198 fund. PASS 3-0 

  • A fund to reduce adult DUI and drug related offenses. 

Award contract for Bread Products to Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc. PASS 3-0

  • Bread products for Lycoming County Prison. Bimbo was the only company to bid. 

Approve Re-list (2) Victory 4-Door Refrigerators for sale on Municibid. PASS 3-0

  • The refrigerators did not sell the first time they were listed. 

Approve the following child welfare services ...

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