Williamsport – The Lycoming County Commissioners approved contracts for state funding for homeless programs and hired new personnel during their Thursday meeting. On the PULSE publishes a list of action items after each Thursday meeting. 

Approve professional services agreement with 2019-2020 Pharmchem, Inc. PASS 3-0

  • This is a renewal of a service the Pre-release Center uses for sweat patches and screening inmates for drug use. PRC uses for sweat patches and screening for drug use at the facility. This is a renewal.

Approve professional services agreement with Insinger Excavating, L.L.C PASS 3-0

  • This is an extension until for a 2018 project to repair damaged water sites after 2018 storm damage. Amendment to bid for 2018 storm event that caused damage to a water site. Need extension on three of the sites until Oct. 31. This formalizes that. 

Approve second amendment to agreement with Oasis Management Services until 9/20/20. 

  • Renewal with same terms and conditions. 

Approve Sub-recipient monitoring agreement with Lycoming County United Way in the amount of $153,112. PASS 3-0

  • This is the state allocation to Lycoming County’s homeless assistance program, which is given to the county and then passed on to the United Way and distributed from there to local organizations that combat homelessness.

Approve 2018 904 Recycling Performance Grant. PASS 3-0

  • An annual grant for processing recycling for the Lycoming County landfill.

Approve agreement Juvenile Services Grant in the amount of $242,417

  • Annual state funding used to offset costs for the Juvenile Probation Office.

Approve professional services agreement with Field Tec Services. PASS 3-0

  • Five-year renewal with this local company that provides hydraulic cylinder rebuilds and bailer repairs for the county landfill. 

Approve professional services agreement L & L Boiler Maintenance, Inc. PASS 3-0

  • Company that supplies certified boiler inspection at the county recycling center. Annual renewal. 

Approve Award a purchase agreement to Highway Equipment Supply Company or maintenance on a 2008 Volvo A-40E Articulating Haul Truck the estimated cost for this maintenance event is $19,873.92. PASS 3-0

  • This is a 2008 haul truck that needs repair work for a rear strut system that the haul truck uses to keep it’s load balanced. 

Approve the following personnel actions: PASS 3-0

  • Planning & Community Development – Shannon L. Rossman as a full time replacement Director of Planning & Community Development – pay grade 14 – $95,500 annually effective 10/14/19. 
  • Department of Public Safety – Logan W. Laidacker ...

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