Williamsport – The Lycoming County commissioners approved personnel, equipment replacement and youth services contracts during their Thursday morning meeting. On the PULSE provides a brief list of action items and votes after each Thursday meeting.

Approve Update to TDA and Totals Report: PASS 2-0-1 (Tony Mussare abstained) 

  • Coroner – Remove one (1) FT Deputy Coroner, pay grade 7 

  • Domestic Relations – Add one (1) FT Law Clerk, pay grade 8 

  • District Attorney – Add one (1) FT Law Clerk, pay grade 8 

(The law clerk positions are temporary until the individuals taking those positions pass the Bar and become full-time attorneys)

Commissioner Tony Mussare abstained from the vote due to the addition of a position in Domestic Relations, which he said is unnecessary. 

“My research shows me our Domestic Relations Department has many more employees than other four and five-class counties,” Mussare said.  

He said that while he appreciates everything the department does and values their work, he does not believe they require another attorney, since the deputy director of the department already is an attorney. 

Approve the following personnel actions: PASS 3-0

  • RMS-Operations – Conner Kepner – as a new position Equipment Operator- pay grade 6 – $18.00 per hour effective 8/16/19. 

  • Register & Recorder – Elliott C. Crossley – as a full time replacement Clerk I – Pay grade 2 – $11.79 per hour effective 8/5/19.   

  • District Attorney – Jerry Grill – as a full time replacement Assistant District Attorney – AD – $53,022.72 annually effective 8/5/19. 

Approve the following personnel action: PASS 2-0-1 (Mussare abstained)

  • Domestic Relations – Jessica L. Dodson – as a new position Domestic Relations- pay grade 8 – $38,548.49 annually effective 8/5/19.  PASS 2-1-1 

Approve professional service agreement with Richard E. Dowell, JR. PH.D. for neuropsychological services. PASS 3-0

  • Providing neurological services for court cases. 

Approve amendment to agreement with Steinbacher Enterprises, Inc. PASS 3-0 

  • Time extension in order to complete the process by Dec. 31, 2019. There was a delay due to permits, which have now been obtained. 

Approve Susquehanna Motor Company, Inc., final invoice for this maintenance event at a total cost of $15,307.33. PASS 3-0

  • Replacing the transmission in Tractor 17 at the Transfer Station.

Award a purchase agreement to Thermo Fisher Scientific d.b.a., Thermo Eberline, LLC, in the amount of $21,304. PASS 3-0 

  • Radiation detection equipment at Landfill and Recycling center. The current equipment is antiquated and the software needs to be replaced. The first one at the Recycling Center will be replaced this year.  

Approve Resolution 2019-12 Utilization of certain real property located within the Borough for public purposes.  Quitclaim Deed, Tax Parcel No. No. 35-002-118 PASS 3-0

  • Montgomery Borough has maintained this 0.38 parcel for years with the understanding they owned it. After reviewing the lease it was determined …

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