Harrisburg, Pa. - Does your drivers license say you are an organ donor? If not, that is okay.

But a new bill in the state legislature will allow Pennsylvania residents, either renewing their drivers license or registration, the chance to donate to the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition as part of that process.

"Statistics show that 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop breast cancer in her lifetime.  In 2020, it is estimated that there will be over 276,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed in the United States, and over 48,000 cases on non-invasive breast cancer," according to State Sen. Bob Mensch, the bills main sponsor.

"Unfortunately, an estimated 2,000 women in Pennsylvania and 42,170 women nationwide will die from breast cancer this year," Mensch said.

According to a release by Mensch, the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition has been leading the fight against breast cancer since 1993.

Mensch said the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition has spent over 1,500 hours on patient advocacy and contributed over $4.3 million to breast cancer researchers in Pennsylvania and have also been champions in the push for legislative solutions to expanding insurance coverage for early detection of breast cancer in women.

This legislation will mirror similar processes set in statute which allow individuals renewing registrations or a driver’s license to include an optional $5 donation to the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition. 

This will create an opportunity for more funds to be distributed for breast cancer research through this inspiring organization is another step that can be taken towards the goal of finding a cure to cancer.

This bill has bipartisan support on both the Democratic and Republican sides of the state legislature.

S. B. 445 is co-sponsored by State Sens. Jake Corman, Ryan Aument, Patrick Browne, Mario Scavello, David Argall, Camera Bartolotta, John DiSanto, Chris Dush, John Gordner, Scott Hutchinson, Scott Martin, Kristin Phillips-Hill, Devlin Robinson, Patrick Stefano, Robert Tomlinson, Elder Vogel, Judy Ward, John Yudichak, Jay Costa, Vincent Hughes, Lisa Boscola, Maria Collett, Carolyn Comitta, Wayne Fontana, Art Haywood, John Kane, Timothy Kearney, Katie Muth, Steven Santarsiero, Judy Schwank, Sharif Street, Christine Tartaglione, and Anthony Hardy Williams.

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