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Pittsburgh, Pa. -- At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations adapted their services to an online format, if possible. Even hospitals joined the trend, offering virtual patient care. The UPMC health system has been recognized for their advanced technology use this past year. 

Common perception is that plastic surgery is cosmetic procedures to improve patients’ appearance, but in fact it is possibly one of the most diverse specialties. While plastic surgery started as a specialty for restoration and reconstruction of defects and damaged body tissue, it’s now used …

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UPMC Williamsport has been granted Level II Trauma Center accreditation by the Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation (PTSF), recognizing a higher level of care and services provided in north central Pennsylvania. This accreditation went into effect on Sept. 1.

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Join Stuart Olinsky, MD, neurology, and Meghan Penfield, PA-CM, neurology, Joy Proctor, DPT, certified LSVT® BIG and LOUD therapist, as they provide you with the fundamental principles to live your best life with Parkinson's disease, one of the most common neurological disorders. They will d…

Whether you have recently had surgery, or have an ongoing health condition that is causing chronic pain, UPMC is dedicated to helping you find comfort and relief through our comprehensive pain management services. Join Vwaire Orhurhu, MD, MPH, to discuss your options to alleviate pain, inclu…

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Chef Brian Yarborough will share two heart healthy recipes – chicken and dumplings and vegetarian stew, during his cooking demonstration using a cast iron skillet. These simple, one pan meals, can easily be prepared from stove to oven in 30 minutes.