june 2020 contact lens recall.jpg

Chengdu Ai Qin E-commerce Co., Ltd. has initiated a nationwide recall of 1,362 pairs of colored contact lenses. The lenses were distributed without FDA clearance and could potentially pose a risk to health.

The colored contact lenses were sold through the TTDEYE website and shipped directly to customers from August of 2019 through October of 2019. The products were manufactured in August, 2018, and can be identified by the product name and manufacture date of 2018-08 on the package label.

The recalled colors are:

  • Black Starshine, lot B16112100
  • Diamonds Starlight, lot B16112203
  • Flower Brown, lot B16112210
  • Flower Grey, lot B16112231
  • Radial Brown, lot B16112109
  • Radial Pink, lot B16112110
  • Devil Red, lot B16112201

Owners of these products are advised to immediately cease use and contact the company at info@ttdeye.com for more information. The company has received no complaints to date.

Chengdu Ai Qin E-commerce is notifying customers by email and arranging for returns and replacements of recalled lenses.

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