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Peyton's mom, Julie Walker, dedicates and installs Pennsylvania's first SaveStation at Cornerstone Coffeehouse in Camp Hill, Pa. 

Camp Hill, Pa. -- The Peyton Walker Foundation (PWF), a nationally prominent heart screening advocate and leader in providing CPR and AED training and equipment donations, has proudly dedicated Pennsylvania's first "SaveStation," a designated public station containing an automatic external defibrillator (AED). The AED is available for public use at all times.

The station was installed in Camp Hill's business district at Cornerstone Coffeehouse.

“Having a readily accessible AED can mean the difference between life and death during Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA),” said Julie Walker, Peyton’s mom and Foundation Director. “I’m proud of this milestone, especially since SCA is a leading cause of death in the U.S. We hope it’s the first of many SaveStations in Pennsylvania! AEDs save lives.”

“I saw firsthand how an AED saves a life. AED accessibility is vital,” added East Penn Little League Coach Matt Pearson, who saved a mom’s life with a PWF-donated AED last summer.

Walker was joined by Sue Pera, of Cornerstone Coffeehouse which hosts the SaveStation, Camp Hill Mayor Mark Simpson, Police Chief Stephen Margeson, State Reps. Sheryl Delozier and Greg Rothman, Sen. Mike Regan’s Office, Anne Deeter Gallaher of Downtown Camp Hill Association, businesses and others.

Mayor Simpson stated, “I’ve witnessed how crucial defibrillators are during heart emergencies. We thank the Foundation and businesses for investing in the health of our neighbors. Bystanders using AEDs while waiting for EMS can increase survival rates.”

"We are so thankful for Julie Walker's tireless campaign to educate Pennsylvania on the facts about Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the role strategically placed AEDs play in saving lives. On behalf of the Downtown Camp Hill Association board and through the generous support of our partner businesses, we are honored to support the first SaveStation in Pennsylvania at Cornerstone Coffeehouse," says Anne Deeter Gallaher, owner/CEO, Deeter Gallaher Group LLC and board member.

SaveStations are weatherproof cabinets installed outdoors making an AED accessible during heart emergencies. An AED is a portable device that checks the heart rhythm and sends an electric shock to try to restore a heart’s normal rhythm.

The Peyton Walker Foundation was created to increase awareness and survival rates of SCA, which claimed the life of 19-year-old Peyton Walker in 2013.

PWF recently secured enactment of “Peyton’s Law” aimed at educating parents and students about the prevalence of SCA and the importance of EKG testing of youth. Peyton’s Law requires PIAA sports forms to include the importance of EKG testing and how it can help detect heart issues, and schools to include information outlining the option to request an EKG at the family’s expense.

Quick facts about SCA and AED intervention

  • Most out-of-hospital cardiac arrest events occur at home (69.5%) or in public settings (18.8%)
  • People are more likely to survive if a bystander uses a defibrillator while waiting for emergency services to arrive
  • Quickly shocking the heart with an AED can save a person's life
  • Experts estimate that each year, more than 18,000 Americans have a shockable cardiac arrest outside of a hospital and in a public place with witnesses
  • About 90% of people who have cardiac arrest outside of a hospital die
  • CPR can double or triple the chance of survival is performed within the first few minutes of cardiac arrest

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