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Tioga County, Pa. – Sometimes the worst scenarios brings out the best in us.

That is the case in this video of a couple's amazing act of kindness during the recent hazardous weather.

Like so many other residents of the the Northern Tier, in the past 24 hours, Kristen and Russell Beals were focused on the torrential rains.

"We were on our property. We attempted to go check out the flooding, not realizing how bad it was," said Beals in a Facebook message.

The couple were not the only ones impacted by the severe weather. 

"Russ noticed the baby deer cowering on the side of the road. It was just frozen there. We were completely flooded in and the water was raging in both sides."

After that, Russell Beals sprang into action: 

Initially, the fawn was reluctant to leave its rescuers.

"When he came back to the car, I didn’t know what he had in mind. We took it back to the house where his parents were a couple 100 yards away," said Russel Beals. 

Knowing how tricky the situation was, the couple did their best to put the fawn out of harm's way.

"That when Russ’s dad told us that the mother and baby had been hanging around an old shed that collapsed a few years back out in the hay field. So with wishful thinking, we took it back there," said Kristen Beals. "And it was high enough ground we didn’t worry about it getting caught up (in the flood) again."

The Beals are now hoping for the best for the fawn, according to Kristen Beals. 

"When my husband drove by that spot this morning there was a whole herd there."

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