Correction: The original post identified the animals in the image as mountain lions, not bobcats.

This isn't the first time a pack of wild cats was caught on camera; but it does not happen often. This should come as no surprise for an evasive animal that is infrequently spotted in the wild. 

According to National Geographic, there are two occasions in which a pack might be spotted: mating season or parenting season. Mother bobcats will move with their kin to avoid predators and male bobcats, according to National Geographic.

A Selinsgrove, Pa. trail cam captured what appears to be a mother bobcat leading her cubs out of a lush, wooded area -- an area that provides cover and seclusion. They do not risk exposure unless they are seeking new territory, according to National Geographic, which makes this image an account of both parenting and territorial practices. 

The trail cam image was submitted to the Pa. Game Commission's 2021 Trail Cam Contest -- and won. The winner is Jeremy Napp from Selinsgrove. According to the Pa Game Commission announcement, Jeremy's photo received the most attention of any submission, racking up 4,500 likes. As a prize, Jeremy will receive a new trail cam and an assortment of Pa. Game Commission merchandise. 

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