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An arc of 32 concrete slabs makes up The Piers. They are located at 539 Cherry Aly, Lewisburg.

Lewisburg, Pa. — A mural will soon be painted in downtown Lewisburg on 18 of "The Piers"—concrete slabs that make up one of the town's most noticeable industrial ruins.

Steve Gibson, founder of Milton Art Academy, will be visiting Lewisburg to create a temporary public art mural for The Piers Art Park. The project is funded by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership.

There are 32 concrete monoliths in all, forming an arc, but Gibson will only be covering 18 of them.

"When I moved to the area back in 2008, I was immediately curious about the piers," Gibson said. "I love that attention is being put on them with concerts and events, and am really happy to contribute something so more people can find them and also say 'what the heck are those things?'" 

The Piers Art Park has been a neglected and underutilized space in Lewisburg located centrally to Lewisburg's downtown businesses and the Rail Trail.

Lynne Ragusea from the LDP described the partnership's vision for the piers: "Our goal is to transform what has been just a space, into a place. For decades, Lewisburg's own standing stones have been overlooked. We envision site-specific art, music and dance performances, community Yoga and Tai Chi, art classes open to the public, and more!"

The concrete pier relics first appeared on the Sanborn Maps in 1925 and were labeled as coal trestles. The Piers Art Park area was a coal yard with sheds, office, and scale house with one trestle connecting the Pennsylvania Railroad (the east/west railroad, now the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail) and one trestle connecting the Reading Railroad (the north/south railroad).

Gibson plans to be on site painting the mural in October. In conjunction with Lewisburg's Stroll Through the Arts, the public is invited to Stroll down to the Piers on Saturday, Oct. 15 from noon to 4 p.m. to watch the artist at work.

Gibson shared, "My hope is that people that see the piers will get a kick out of the art project and enjoy experiencing this parallax visual trick."

What's a parallax visual trick? Come to Lewisburg and see it for yourself.

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