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Williamsport, Pa. - Penguin Books published its first batch of paperback books on July 30, 1935. Because of this, each year, people celebrate the advent of affordable, lightweight books on July 30.

The James V. Brown Library invites patrons to celebrate by revisiting a favorite paperback or finding something new.

The library staff will be on hand to help you find your next great read with a staff picks list and custom online book recommendation forms, which will allow patrons to have a unique book list created just for them.

Children’s librarian Nina White is also available to recommend books for younger readers and picture books for families. 

The development of lighter books was partially due to the popularity of railroad travel.

Reading books is a great way to pass the time during a lengthy train ride, but dragging around a huge, expensive hardcover book is impractical for such ventures.

Because of this, the original paperback books were intended for use by railway passengers.

Since that time, paperback books have become increasingly popular for both their reduced price and their portability.

While modern advances have produced books even lighter yet in the form of digital readers and documents one can pull up on their phone, there’s still just nothing quite as satisfying as holding a book in your arms and curling yourself around it on a quiet evening, as many might say.

Paperback Book Day honors and exalts this practice of comfort and leisurely days.

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