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Danville, Pa. – Even with vaccine rollouts, COVID-19 continues impacting employment across the U.S. Because of the unusual circumstances, Pennsylvanians are being given a special healthcare coverage enrollment period through the state-based marketplace, Pennie.

During the special enrollment period, anyone can join a plan through Pennie until August 15. The recently-passed American Rescue Plan also provides additional financial support for both those who are shopping for coverage and those who are already covered.

“Everyone should have access to healthcare, and many Pennsylvanians are unaware of all the coverage options that are available to them or that they may qualify for financial assistance,” said Kurt J. Wrobel, Geisinger Health Plan (GHP) president and executive vice president of insurance operations for Geisinger. “We can help you enroll in the right plan so you don’t have to go without coverage and have to pay for COVID-19 related treatment and services on your own.”

Pennsylvanians are advised to explore all available options for coverage and financial assistance, including government programs such as the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for Americans up to age 19.

Many uninsured adults give up on pursuing publicly-subsidized coverage based on assumptions that they don't qualify, but nearly 9 out of 10 people covered by Pennie plans receive financial assistance, and savings will increase from the American Rescue Plan.

Geisinger Health Plan is offering to help Pennsylvanians enroll in healthcare coverage and apply for financial assistance. To receive help from Geisinger, contact one of the following:

For marketplace coverage, call (866) 325-8108 or visit

For CHIP, call (855) 955-1441 or visit

For Medicare, call (855) 605-1517 or visit

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