Williamsport, Pa. — Saturday was a bad day to be a pumpkin.

Really any day in the month of October could potentially be a traumatic one. Pumpkins could get carved. They could have their seeds scooped and roasted into a delicious holiday treat.

The point is, life can be scary in the fall.

At the Break Room, 1009 Washington Blvd., pumpkins were greeted with a different type of terror for the month as they became the main target of the “Bashing Pumpkins” event.

Throughout the day customers could pay $10 for the first pumpkin and $6 for each one after that to enter one of two rooms and get their smash on.

It was much more spice than nice for the pumpkins as people lined up to hit the orange symbols of the holidays with baseball bats, crowbars, and sledgehammers.

2020-10-17 Bashing Pumpkins Event 3.jpg

A lone pumpkin gets a glimpse into the future as it sits next to a fallen brother during the Break Room’s ‘Bashing Pumpkins’ event in Williamsport on October 17, 2020.

“We like to smash things,” Break Room owner Virginia Weigle said. “It’s our thing of taking a break and breaking things for a fun stress relief. We thought we should smash some pumpkins.”

There were two options offered for smashing. Customers could choose from a hanging pumpkin or one placed on a designated “smashing” table. 

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The final decision really did not matter for the pumpkins as the end results were the same. Smashed bits of pumpkin and seeds filled the rooms as more and more people came out for the event.  

2020-10-17 Bashing Pumpkins Event 2.jpg

A single pumpkin sits on the ‘smash table’ during the Break Room’s ‘Bashing Pumpkins’ event in Williamsport on October 17, 2020.

“It was fun,” Jessica Warrinet, of Williamsport said. “It was actually a lot of fun. I enjoyed it because it relaxed me a lot. It was nice considering all the stress I’ve had a work recently and with everything else that’s going on.”

2020-10-17 Bashing Pumpkins Event 4.jpg

A trashcan of potential victims sits outside one of the smash rooms at the Break Room in Williamsport. A ‘Bashing Pumpkins’ event was held throughout the day Saturday.

On a typical day, the amount of destruction really depends on the person as they can pay for an amount of time in a room or buy a bucket of breakable items. Saturday was a little different as it was all about the pumpkins.

“We have two rooms,” Weigle said. “We set up the first room as a free-for-all. You have to buy a chunk of time for that room. The second room you buy a bucket of glass items.”

Picking out the items might be the best part. The store is filled with bottles you can choose from. There are even a few special items customers can purchase for the purpose of breaking.

The same options were offered Saturday – just in pumpkin form. Two bright yellow trashcans were filled with pumpkins customers could choose from to smash. Once the perfect one was selected, they smashed away.

“We just ask them to have fun,” Weigle said.